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Italian War and Wine: Mussolini's Influence

After WW1, the Italian wine-making industry had a bad reputation for poor quality and heavy consumption, but when Mussolini and his regime came to power, he effectively reinvented the reputation and identity of Italian wine production with a marketing campaign aimed at renewing nationalistic pride and the uniqueness of high-quality Italian wines. Mussolini knew that there was power in the Italian wine-making tradition and wanted to use that to bring his citizens together under a fascist government that was center stage during WW2. We will take a walk through Italian wine history while tasting wines from Sicily, Chianti, Abruzzo and Piedmont while discussing Mussolini’s rise to power (and ultimate demise) and his influences on wine as a symbol of Italian unity, heritage and nationalistic pride. An assortment of noshes will be served during class.

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