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Virtual Instantly Mediterranean: Instant Pot Demo with Emily Paster

The Instant Pot can make your life easier. The multi-cooker not only allows you to cook certain dishes that may have seemed too time-consuming in the past, but its hands-off nature makes it easy to prepare meals in advance and hold them until it is time to eat. You can even make an entire meal, including dessert, in your Instant Pot! 

Food writer and cookbook author Emily Paster has written four cookbooks, and her latest, Instantly Mediterranean will be released in September. This cookbook focuses on how to make vibrant, mouthwatering Mediterranean recipes in your electric pressure cooker and air fryer. Emily’s first virtual class with The Chopping Block, Virtual Intro to the Instant Pot, was a huge success, and she’s returning for another virtual demonstration featuring some of her favorite Instant Pot recipes from her book. Mediterranean food is among the healthiest, most sustainable and tastiest food in the world and now it is Instant Pot-ready! Learn how to make a complete Mediterranean meal using your Instant Pot, learning timing and advanced techniques along the way. Join us for this virtual demonstration focusing on how pressure cooking works, what makes an Instant Pot special, and how it can make cooking easier and more convenient for you. Whether you use your Instant Pot nearly every day or whether it’s still in the box, this class will help you embrace pressure cooking to get delicious Mediterranean meals on the table in a timely way.


  • Italian Sausage Ragù
  • Olive Oil Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Prosecco Poached Pears

Skills covered in class:

  • Anatomy of the Instant Pot 
  • How pressure cooking works
  • What makes an Instant Pot different
  • Safety and caring for your Instant Pot
  • Mediterranean flavors
  • Cooking stews in the Instant Pot
  • Using the Sauté, Pressure Cooking and Keep Warm functions of the Instant Pot
  • Poaching pears in the Instant Pot
  • Timing tips for creating a meal using an Instant Pot

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