Flavor Dynamics


Lincoln Square
4747 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago,

Demonstration Cooking 101

Learn the secrets of successful flavor combinations! Learn to make sense of your sense of taste in this interactive demonstration class that focuses on the dialogue between the chef and student, creating an enriching experience loaded with information. With stronger olfactory awareness, you can become a creative cook inspired by your own palate instead of following recipes to the letter. We'll teach you the art of tweaking the five basic tastes - Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Sour and Umami - and how to use herbs, spices, oils, vinegars and aromatic ingredients to create a rich tapestry of cuisine limited only by your imagination.

Skills covered in class:

  • Understanding taste
  • Seasoning to balance flavor
  • Using aromatic ingredients
  • Ethnic flavor palettes

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This event is no longer available for bookings. Please contact the merchant if you think this is in error.
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